Epic Sports Photo Fundraising!

We take photos before your practice or game, then add an Epic touch to them to make them look awesome, then we offer the players parents and loved ones the opportunity to purchase digital copies and/or prints. This is a win for your entire team and their families!

Why Choose Epic?

1. All players get to participate in picture day.
2. There’s no upfront cost for the team or the player.
3. There’s no obligation to purchase anything ever.
4. Players and parents get epic photos at a low cost.
5. Teams receives 100% of the profit*.

This is a fun way to raise money while giving the players and their families something they’ll cherish forever. We capture their loved ones sports days in an “Epic” unforgettable way, all with the convenience of having it all done at practice.

Nothing to lose!

– No Out of Pocket Expenses for the Team!
– Tons of Club Exposure!
– Team Makes Money!
– Excited Players!
– Happy Parents!

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